Kate is always thrilled to collaborate with other designers and small businesses to create beautiful embroidered items. The process is so enjoyable, especially working with people that haven't seen how embroidery can be used to bring new ideas to life!

As always the world is your lobster!

Whilst working at a major High Street retailer, the lack of creativity in the design role was becoming draining, as a true hands-on creative Kate needed to get back to making going freelance designing for an embroidery studio to get back to the making that she craved. Freelance life has its ups and downs and one Christmas Kate created some hanging sequin avocados, it was the year of avocado toast taking over the world.  Not really advertising them they sold pretty well. When she sold 5 to one customer in America she quickly realised that this her new path. Soon after, less freelance work was taken on and now she works exclusively on her brand.

Everything that is embroidered comes out of the studio in the U.K. and is made by Kate. Inspiration leaps out from anywhere and everywhere, from Supermarket aisles to vintage caviar tins, if it can be made in sequins that people will find joyful, humorous and bring back memories, it is almost certainly in the collection. Kate does have help with the lovely #mumtern who helps to fulfil Christmas demand, without her the sequin dream would come to an abrupt halt!

Kate has been featured in Marie Claire, Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher Magazine and created a sell-out embroidery kit during lock down that sold out 3 times.

Kate likes gin, wine and collecting all sorts of things, currently antique and vintage books on embroidery and nature. When she isn’t sewing or collecting she can be found playing a game of scrabble.

Have you got an interesting idea to work on together?


Email: kategwilliam@kategwilliam.com